King St West Condos Formwork Design & Fabrication

Construction Manager



Bjarke Ingels Group

Forming Contractor / Client

Heritage Restoration Inc.




Toronto, Canada

Our Role

We were hired to review existing concrete formwork, design any required modifications, and fabricate and deliver any new formwork components to the construction site on a rush basis.


Project Background

The project was a complex concrete placement component of a larger condominium construction project involving heavy renovations to an existing historical building + tower addition. Our scope was limited to aspects of the construction of a new atrium space, specifically to the forming of two approximately 26' long x 5' wide x 7' deep transfer beams, weighing approximately 130,000lbs, suspended 25ft in the air necessary to create an open space below.

Project Description

Upon being brought on board, our initial review of the existing partially constructed formwork found that it was inadequate for the unique loading imposed by the size of the concrete breams. Due to access restrictions imposed by the beams being suspended in the air, and tight project deadlines, formwork failure would result in significant financial repercussions.


Our design team worked very closely with Heritage Restorations' site management team, ensuring that existing equipment and materials were used wherever possible, and that site conditions and interferences were incorporated into the design to avoid as much re-work to the partially constructed formwork as possible.

Because of the project's rush requirements we elected to proceed with a design/build methodology where the new formwork system would be designed as individual formwork components were being fabricated - leveraging our unique capabilities of being both the engineering designer and the steel fabricator. Any necessary changes and modifications would be addressed mid-fabrication. The result of adopting this methodology was a turnaround time of less than one week from initial site review to site delivery. This quick turnaround time allowed the concrete pour to proceed safely, without site delays.