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General Contractor


Project Consultant

ATA Architects




Mississauga, Canada

Our Role

Structural steel fabricators and installers. Mobile welding.


Project Description

Our project involved the fabrication and installation of steel HSS beams and other structural steel members as part of a facility improvement/renovation of a local college student center. The logistics of transporting and handling beams that weighed several thousand pounds and were over 30 feet long within an existing building presented a significant challenge. Maneuvering these large components through tight spaces and around obstacles, then hoisting them into position without the aide of overhead cranes required innovative solutions and careful coordination.

Furthermore, the project demanded attention to small installation tolerances, dictated by both the installation within an existing structure and by the new glass partition door assemblies from which they would be supported. The challenges of ensuring the proper alignment of the new members and the limited access at connection points called for skilled welding and a thoughtful approach to overcoming these physical constraints.

By adapting to these challenges and employing a focused strategy, our team successfully completed the project. This effort not only ensured the project's success but also highlighted our commitment to overcoming logistical and technical hurdles, contributing significantly to the enhancement and functionality of the facility.

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